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Face your Fears!

Adam Claxton
· Jan 21, 2023

“We can’t fear change, we must embrace it. Sometimes you have to walk on water”

I used to be afraid 
I held myself back 
I never said yes to opportunities 
I was stuck

In a moment you can change the whole direction of your life and it starts with facing your fears.

To get where you want to be you will be challenged more than ever, the test is to see whether you make the same choices as last time, which ultimately led you to that place that you’re stuck in.

When you face fears, overcome the doubt you have about yourself and believe you are deserving of good things you will feel like….

You can walk on water!

December was tough with illnesses but it gave me time to work on a vision,

BE ON PURPOSE is that vision and the start of not only a journey for myself but for those that are ready to take leaps of faith too.

Who is making changes this year?

Who needs guidance on how to find purpose in life?

Who is happy where they are?

Who is ready to be ON PURPOSE?

Drop a comment or message with the word Purpose if you are serious and ready to make the best investment in yourself.

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