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This course is designed with the idea that newcomers to organizational change are often needlessly confused when presented a toolbox full of change models without instructions on how to pick the right tool for the job they face. Some of this confusion can be traced back to many authors and instructors who throw the term “Change Models” around freely, ignoring the very different purposes and perspectives on the change process. This online course is an attempt to cut through this confusion with a classification scheme that ties the model choice to the purpose served in the change project. Further, by approaching model choice from a “purpose” perspective, the change leader can narrow the models to those most appropriate and avoid using a hammer when a screwdriver is needed.

What you will learn?
Are you confused about org-change models? This course leads you through ways to classify change models and situations.
The Essentials for immediate use on-the-job
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2 hours on-demand video
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Beginner level
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  • No advance knowledge is needed for this course other than an awareness that organizations cannot survive for long without changing.
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10 Video
2 hours
Section 1. Change Models by Purpose-Part1
Course Introduction
4m 4s
Introduction to Change Models (see Resources)
9m 0s
Change Project Methodology
12m 8s
Diagnostic Models
12m 1s
Models for how Individuals Change
12m 10s
Resistance Transition Models
9m 39s
Section 2. Change Classification-Part1
Visualizing Change - Terminology in use
9m 43s
Classifying Change Difficulty
13m 27s
Fundamental Change Processes
7m 20s
Understanding how the fundamental change processes are used
12m 41s
Learn from the best
Dr. Ross Wirth / INSTRUCTOR
Consultant & Online Course Developer

Delivering simple, easy-to-apply tools and resources for organizational change, designed for managers needing a quick, cost-effective path toward organizational improvement without having to spend a great deal of time studying or hiring a consultant. Dr. Ross Wirth develops online courses and consults in the areas of organizational change and strategic leadership. Previously, he served as the Dean of the College of Business and Program Chair for Business Administration at Franklin University. Earlier, Dr. Wirth worked 32 years in international oil and gas where he served in many management positions, often involved in strategic & operational planning, business development, performance management, and organizational change initiatives. Over his career, functional leadership spanned IT, retail & wholesale marketing, supply & logistics, corporate planning, and human resources. Dr. Wirth earned an MBA from New Mexico State University, and a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Science with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University.