About this course

What is Scrum?
Scrum is a method for managing and completing even the most complex project. Based on my experience, it is the number 1 way to complete projects on time while delivering value for any business or user.

Who should take this course?
Whether you are a Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team Member, or simply someone who wants the answer to the question “how do I deliver projects on time to a high quality with scrum", this is definitely the class that is for you.

In this class you will learn:

A concise overview of scrum - Including theory, and checklists for all events, roles, rules, and artifacts used to deliver a project.

The facts based on real industry experience and research - The correct terminology and use of scrum are essential to mastering it. My experience in industry and research into the topic has been used to give you a solid grounding in the most concise way possible.

I give you a complete overview of how to deliver on time with scrum as used in the business workplace without having to do a face-to-face course saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The course is video based with no supporting document necessary.

How is the course structured?
Each section features an overview of a particular aspect of how to deliver a project on time with agile scrum such as its theory, practices, tips, and examples which are included throughout the course with excellent quality video and audio. All are based on real-world experience.

Who this course is for:
Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Development Team Members, Product Owners, Business Owners, Support Teams, Maintenance Teams, Service and Sales Teams, Development Support Teams
Anyone who wants a complete overview of how to deliver on time using agile scrum project management and agile project delivery methods and certainty that they are getting the facts taught by an agile expert
Someone preparing to work in a team that requires timely delivery, project management, agile, scrum, or agile project management methods in general. Anyone who wants to know how to be proficient with agile scrum project delivery methods to improve the ability of a team to deliver on time
A candidate who wants answers to frequently misunderstood points on how to deliver on time with agile scrum project delivery methods or an expert candidate who wants a concise, quick refresher on how to deliver on time with agile scrum project delivery methods.
Someone who wants pointers on agile scrum techniques used by the pros

Includes Narration from Kevin Kollins and Scott Clem.

What you will learn?
Learn how to meet a project deadline and improve project delivery using agile scrum and project management essentials techniques.
Learn what scrum is and why it is so powerful for delivering projects on time to a high degree of quality
Use Checklists to help deliver value on time - Get video and free document scrum checklist for the roles of scrum master, product owner and development team. As well as for all scrum events such as kick off meeting,product backlog estimation and grooming, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective.
Learn how to use scrum and agile project management techniques product backlog grooming, task buffering, empirical evidence, efficient communication, incentives, scrum checklists, and retrospectives in order for timely project delivery on time consistently
Feel confident in implementing scrum and agile project management essentials techniques for any service, maintenance or support team
Learn how to improve scrum and agile project delivery WITHOUT paying thousands of dollars for training
Understand what agile scrum is and How it helps project management and project delivery to be more effective
Explain what the scrum rules, roles and events are are and how they will make your team or business more efficient
Understand the concepts behind agile checklists, kick off meeting,product backlog estimation and grooming, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective.
An overview of the agile scrum framework and how it is an agile project management framework used to help you deliver value on time
Learn how checklists can be used to help deliver project value on time
1 hour on-demand video
Certificate of completion
Beginner level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
1 year access


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30 Video
1 hours
Section 1. Introduction
2m 0s
Section 2. Concepts
Learning Objectives: Project Deadline Concepts
Table of Contents - How to Meet a Project Deadline with Scrum
Introduction - How to Meet a Project Deadline
4m 18s
The Importance of Requirements Being Ready
2m 34s
The Importance of Commiting with Confidence
1m 50s
How to use the concept of buffer to deliver tasks on time
2m 1s
How to use Empirical Evidence for timely delivery
2m 54s
How to improve Communication to deliver on time
3m 16s
How to improve delivery by getting a Kick out of delivering on time
2m 38s
How to use the Retrospective to Deliver on Time
3m 37s
Section 3. Tips
Learning Objectives: Project Deadline Pro Tips
The Importance of the Scrum Guide
2m 18s
How these Scrum Rules help you with Project Delivery
2m 28s
How to Leverage the Scrum Framework
2m 50s
Use the concept of the Agile Toolkit
3m 5s
How to Leverage the Team
2m 23s
How Respect helps you to deliver on time
2m 53s
How Common Sense helps you to deliver on time
Section 4. Scrum Checklist
Learning Objectives: Project Deadline Checklists
Introduction - How to Improve Project Delivery with Scrum Checklists
1m 23s
The Scrum Master Checklist
The Product Owner Checklist
4.5 SCRUM6-Development Team Checklist - 0.38.mp4
The Kickoff Meeting Checklist
1m 11s
The Product Backlog Grooming Checklist
1m 19s
The Sprint Planning Checklist
1m 36s
The Daily Scrum Checklist
1m 25s
The Sprint Review Checklist
1m 42s
The Sprint Retrospective Checklist
1m 14s
Learn from the best
Exploding Your Team's Productivity To Deliver Your Projects On time, On Budget

Paul is the CEO/Managing Director and Chief Consultant at Pashun Consulting Ltd, author of Scrum Mega Pack and a certified scrum master, experienced senior programmer and coach with experience in international blue chip companies dating back to 1999. That experience includes leading projects for the BBC, General Electric, Oracle, BSkyB, HiT Entertainment (responsible for Angelina Ballerina, Bob the builder and other titles that you love watching with your kids or siblings but won't admit to) and Razorfish. These roles have all involved leadership on a wealth of mobile, internet TV and web software projects.