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Operating a business competitively requires having the right people in the right positions at all times. However, finding the right people to blend within the culture and more importantly, just discovering the right people, especially in today's pandemic times is exceedingly difficult. A theology to help mitigate the high employment costs while creating a competitive organization can be substituted by finding part-time talent. For years, many organizations used and still use part-time labor in sales, marketing and administration. However, senior leaders can be found part-time too. If you are in need of senior decisions but lack the resources, this seminar was built for you, with your answers so that you can grow and be competitive proof.

Field of Study: Personnel/ Human Resources

What you will learn?
Analyze how to quickly lower costs but increase productivity by 60% or higher
Understand why expertise quickly moves the organization from fragile to agile
Create strategic methods that leverage knowledge, labor and efficiency by 50% or higher
Understand the two crucial areas of fractional labor increases important business decisions while stabilizing operational issues.
Compare and contrast how fractional leadership controls labor and efficiency costs such as lowing expenses.
Analyze how expertise quickly leverages competitive positioning in less than six months
Check how fractional CFO and CIO lead to sustainability of the businesses
Identify the benefits of fractional leadership regarding human resources and operations
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1 hour on-demand video
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Beginner level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
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Section 1.
The Best Kept Secrets of Fractional Employees
54m 5s
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Final Exam
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Drew Stevens works with individuals and organizations that grapple with finances and transforms them into wealthy professionals with the liquidity and lifestyle they desire to live with so that they can have profound longevity in order to create a legacy. Mr. Stevens has worked on Wall Street since 1985 helping working with portfolio managers, traders brokers, and other investment professionals. He has produced over $11 billion in revenue for organizations while always delivering to others. He contributed 14 books and over 4500 articles and Internet articles to stimulate others to increase their knowledge and awareness of the financial markets. He is a registered insurance professional and working actively towards his investment advisory certification. Mr. Stevens is a well-known international keynote speaker and seminar producer.