About this course

Learn how to connect with others quickly and authentically from both a leadership and a followership position. Taught by an internationally recognized tango artist, instructor, and executive coach, these reliable and intuitive techniques prepare you to cultivate a genuine personal link in seconds, even with strangers. Whether tuning in for a short meeting or building relationships over time, connection skills lower stress, improve communication and help you navigate feedback with grace. Strong connection skills also reduce errors, save time, and lay the foundation for new ideas to emerge and develop.

Who the Course is For
This course is for managers, individual contributors, HR professionals, and client-facing technical professionals looking to connect with others easier and have a greater, more positive impact.

Field of Study: Personal Development

What you will learn?
Build work relationships more skillfully and confidently
Facilitate inclusive conversations
Manage your credibility better
Give and receive respectful feedback
Speak clearly with a calm mind and body
Support others with focused attention
Skills Covered
2 hours on-demand video
Certificate of completion
Beginner level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
1 year access


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11 Video
3 Quiz
2 hours
Section 1. First day of class
WATCH: Meet your teacher & her inspiration
7m 30s
Introduction to Connection Skills
8m 36s
Pop Quiz #1
3 questions
Section 2. Communicating with your partners
Leadership Skill: Communicate Clearly
9m 50s
Followership Skill: Grant your Full Attention
13m 17s
Section 3. Engaging with your partners
Leadership Skill: Facilitate Participation
12m 39s
Followership Skill: Mindful Participation
11m 58s
Pop Quiz #2
3 questions
Section 4. Trust-building with your partners
Leadership Skill: Keep Others Safe
6m 31s
Followership Skill: Choose Trust
8m 29s
Section 5. Potentiating your partners
Leadership Skill: Give Feedback with Care
7m 52s
Followership Skill: Receive Feedback with Grace
8m 6s
Section 6. Last day of class
1m 30s
Final Quiz
Final Exam
10 questions
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FliP University / INSTRUCTOR
Co-founders, FliP University

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Sharna Fabiano / AUTHOR
Certified Coach

Sharna Fabiano is an internationally recognized tango artist and the author of Lead & Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork. Over the course of her twenty-year dance career, she toured over a dozen countries, designed partner-based movement courses for universities, and founded a non-profit tango school. An original voice in organizational development, she has translated her improvisational movement training into a system of relational techniques that enable professionals in any field to connect at lightning speed in order to collaborate and co-create more successfully. Sharna is a certified coach and completed her MFA in Dance at the University of California Los Angeles.